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Thank you for taking the time to visit the Battle Fitness Body Transformation Studio. My name is Jé “Jay” Battle. I am a Personal Trainer and Body Transformation Expert working with a small customer service team in Alexandria, Virginia. You may have heard me speak at a wellness conference, gotten my info from a friend or simply done an internet search, but no matter how you got here, I’m happy you are here!

I’m not in the business of just giving great workouts. I’m in the business of transforming bodies and changing lives! Your body is the most valuable possession you will ever own, but since we all have had our bodies from birth, many of us take them for granted. Since you are on this site, there is something not quite right with your body. It may look unappealing to you, function improperly in some way, or maybe run slower than it used to. It brings me joy to help with that, but please understand that what you are doing now has resulted in how you are looking and feeling now, so, to have something new, you are going to have to be open to doing something new. The good news is, my program is designed to transition you into this new way of living gradually through education, so no need to worry about having to change everything you have been doing all at once.

So, at this time I invite you to scroll down and to see what the program has to offer and the stories of the clients I have had the pleasure of serving. We already have 5-star reviews all over the web, so there’s no need for skepticism. All there is to do now is decide if this program is a good fit for you.

Devoted to your success,

– Jé


Check Out These Awesome Features of the Battle Fitness Body Transformation Program!

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Your initial Body Diagnostic will help us determine the Body Transformation Journey(s) you need to complete to achieve the body you’ve always wanted!

Journeys are categorized by the 3 goals of Body Transformation:


Battle Fitness Personal Training Before and After.

Clients on Journey 1 have the primary focus of changing the size of their body from bigger to smaller. During this journey the primary focus is to build you a solid foundation of muscle to result in major fat loss. During this journey you are taught basic nutrition techniques to pair along with your customized training program in order to start changing your body’s measurements.


Battle Fitness Personal Training Before and After.

Clients on Journey 2 are relatively happy with their overall size but want to focus on molding and shaping the body for a better appearance. Intermediate nutritional education is introduced during this phase to start the manipulation of both fat and muscle in the areas you want.


Battle Fitness Before and After

Clients on Journey 3 are happy with their size and shape and are ready to take their fitness to its optimal level. Through advanced nutritional education, advanced strength training and shred cardio intervals, this fat burning journey leaves nothing but your chiseled abs and toned physique behind!


Together, the 3 elements of fitness: Activity, Nutrition and Consistency, are responsible for transforming your body. By giving each category your 100% dedication, your results WILL BE: The best body you’ve ever had!


Walking, running, yoga, swimming, high impact training, martial arts, weight-lifting, pilates, Zumba etc.. are all great forms of activity, but which is right for your physical and aesthetic goals? Random activity will build a random body because each body is different. For example, Person A may need a heavy cardio schedule to lose weight while if person B does a lot of cardio, it will become easier for them to gain weight! It’s very important that your activity matches your body’s needs to attain your goals.


What you put in your month is responsible for 70% of what your body looks and feels like along with how it functions, so needless to say there is no body transformation without nutritional guidance. With a ton of general nutritional information delivered to you everyday, it is important that your receive advice that pertains to your individual goals and your lifestyle.


“Failing to plan means planning to fail.” A high level of accountability is the backbone of body transformation. You must have physical accountability to keep your results on track. This is where having a personal trainer or better yet, a body transformation specialist comes in to play; unlike the gym where you sign up and “come-and-go as you please as long as you pay on time”. While on your program, Battle Fitness staff constantly tracks your consistency and progress to ensure optimal success!


“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

Every body is different, so your Body Transformation Program is a program we custom build together around your schedule, your budget and your goals. Your job is to know what type of body you want, how much time, effort and money you are willing to invest in obtaining your body. My job is to assess what type of body you have and to build a program using the 3 elements of fitness to assess how much activity you need, what types of meal planning aids to provide and for how long it will take to transform your body into the body you have always wanted.


If you’re looking for a customized workout delivered in a positive, friendly, non-judgemental atmosphere, without completely breaking the bank, then Semi-private Personal Training is for you! In each 45 minute session you will find 2-6 clients of different shapes, sizes, and ages working side-by-side towards their goals. During each session, I tailor each exercise based on your specific goals and exercises are performed  in 1 minutes intervals, which means 1 minute of exercise followed by 1-3 minutes of rest. This method is not only the most effective form of training, but also allows you to give your best effort during each exercise knowing each exercise is only performed for one minute… You can do anything for one minute!


“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

You will be eating for the rest of your life, so why merely provide you with a temporary meal plan when I can teach you how to build your own?! In addition to meal planning, during your transformation program, you will go through a gradual nutritional transitioning process designed to rewire your taste buds and kick sugar addiction, allowing your body to crave and enjoy fresh, whole, flavorful foods.


“Define success! It’s solving the client’s problem, even when its not yours!”

A transformation program is not something we can do for you, it is a program we do with you. From monitoring your nutrition to managing your training schedule, we do our best to offer as much as we can so when life happens, your body transformation journey stays on track.


“When i exercise I wear all black. It’s like a funeral for my fat.”

At the Battle Fitness Body Transformation Studio, we are a team so, everyone client is uniformed with the same high-quality fitness apparel to ensure optimal performance. In addition, you are also provided with a bag to carry your belongings and your own a fitness mat.

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I know that making the commitment to change your body can be intimidating but I am so confident you will transform your body, I guarantee my results! Participate in my Body Transformation Program for 30 days, and if your body does not begin to transform I give you your money back. Simple as that!


Je' is very knowledgeable with her techniques and crafts and will teach you the ins and outs of fat loss, muscle building, and body metabolism. Not only will you achieve your goals and attain the body you want, you will also learn a lot in the process and can incorporate being fit and healthy into your overall lifestyle. Do you want a trainer that will answer your million and 1 questions about fitness, wants to see you succeed, and will push and encourage you to get the body you desire, and have fun in the process? I strongly recommend Battle Fitness!


Je understands and works with you to get over your obstacles, give you no excuses, the program so thorough, I lost 6 pounds the first week - I could not believe it - , moreover, I see big changing in body shape, more countered, stronger. I can breathe better, can move better and most importantly sleep better.


I joined Battle Fitness, because I loved that it wasn't necessarily just me and a trainer. There was a team atmosphere, there was all these other people around me to push me, and when I was having that moment of weakness, there was always someone to pick me up and not necessarily just Je', but there was all these other people around me who are there dedicating themselves to being healthy just like I was.